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Phil (New Zealand)
Just a quick note from New Zealand to say a very big 'thank you' for my book. It arrived a week ago in perfect condition and I am about 1/2 way through the first volume. It is everything I was expecting and more.
Robert (Slovakia)
Good day,the book was delivered and I am very satisfied. Thank you.
Alesandro (Italy)
Hello, the big book is in my hands! Thank you very much!
Andy (Ireland)
Just to let you know that the book arrived safely last week and I am absolutely "thrilled" with it and of course will treasure it "forever" !!!!!!!!! Well done to everyone involved in this incredible piece of rallying history.
Alexander (Germany)
The book arrived on Friday, it's sensational! It was worth to wait.
Jim (Netherlands)
Last monday I received the pakkage with the book. All in perfect shape. My first impression was, woooooooooooooooowwwww! This is really the ultimate group-B book, ever.
Simon (Germany)
I finally received the Group B Owner's Edition book on Monday, and I have to tell you that I'm very happy with it, and I would like to praise you for your job!!! The book is worth the candle! For 999.00 euros, it's a bargain. It seems, there are still some copies available. That is a mystery to me. In fact, to my mind every fan of cars should have this book... It's a real pleasure to read it and to leaf through its first-class pages. I use to read some parts of it to relax from the stress of the office. Even if there are a lot of information, you're not crushed by it thanks to its generous layout. Once again, well done for the efforts and the job you did on that book!!!! It's great that there are some people who set up such projects!
Francisco (Spain)
Today, I received my book, and finally I have to say that it meets all my expectations.I take long time to read it, because my English is not very good, but pictures are fabulous. Only say that I am going to sign up for a gym to be able to hold the book, JA, JA! Congratulations for your work.
Mario (Germany)
I received my book yesterday, thanks. I'm speechless!!!!! For sure the best book about rallying and motorsport ever. I'm owning some other high-quality books about other fields of interest, but this monument beats them easily. The previews and advertising on your website were not at all exaggerated - on the contrary. I can only recommend this piece of work to every rally fan who is getting interested in what was the Group B and who would like to own such an exclusive book. I think, it could also be a very special present to a rally fan for a specific occasion. You can be sure that this "monster-book" will have a place of honour at home.
Edwin (Austria)
I'm the proud owner of one of your "Group B - Owner's Edition". I've been collecting rally books since the 1980's and I'm owning almost all the works you were involved in. This book outclasses all the others which were published about rallying, and I can't even imagine that it could be beaten. The quality of the material used (paper, binding, printing) makes me think about the old works of yesteryear. The contents are unique from the point of view of the quantity, but also of the accuracy. Even the shipping box is of high value...... I'm not exaggerating, my enthusiasm is justified - the Owner's Edition is worth the candle!
Ralf (Germany)
What should I say now, I've just finished reading the two books of the Group B - Owner's Edition. Everything has been read, studied and memorized. Congratulations and "chapeau" to you [Reinhard Klein], John and you team for all the work you did. The high level of the sketches, illustrations and layout you used will become a benchmark for all the books to come. And now? I'm starting to reread the first volume and to mark the best passages. However, I have a suggestion. In fact, I've always been reading the book in my bed in the evening, and I noticed that the muscles of my arm and thorax clearly increased through the method I found to hold the book. So here is a new selling argument for you, and not the least: Reading the Group B book makes your mind fit, as well as your body!!! Sexy, isn't it?
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