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Group B - The Owner's Edition

For us, working on the "Owner's Edition" means unconditional dedication to the subject matter and will result not just in another Group B book, but in the "ultimate" one. Our goal is to let you immerse yourself as deeply into the world of Group B as we do right now.
What about the fascination of these dangerous days and crazy stories from an era when anything was possible: Did you know that Audi was planning a direct refuelling system for the Safari Rally using a light aircraft, similar to the US air force system, just to avoid having to actually stop for fuel? What about the chassis numbers, how many of each car was really made, and where were they used? Why did a few people get very rich from Group B and a few went to jail? We try to bring the true stories to light.
The authors will be the best journalists and photographers in each country telling the stories which only now, twenty years later, can be told and showing things you have never seen before. Our McKlein archive alone has so much unpublished shots from that era, that pictorially this book will be totally unique. We also want to show you those Group B cars with which you are unfamiliar and present images of all Group B cars on large pages in a BIG format so that you can see all the detail.
This will be the ultimate book for the people who like these cars, or who restore or collect them, and want to know and see more about Group B rallying. For these people we plan to make the "Owner’s Edition" – a book without any compromise or limitations.
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